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Our involvement - sustainnabilty

"Being green was never a fringe movement for us. Inspired by the unique mountain scenery, eco-friendliness is simply a way of appreciating and caring for where we live. This mindfullness is something you may sense during your time here, too.

For quite a while now, we learn daily about enviromental protection and resource conservation. What we have learned? Comfort and fun for those wishing to savour the outdoors without having to "rough it"! 


Your involvement - sustainnabilty

We all love traveling. It broadens our horizonts, connects us with people from all over the world and shows us beautiful landscapes! But if you travel by train, you´ll be helping to save the environment – because train travel is as green as it gets!



Getting arround in the valley by bus & train


Waste avoidance
Natural and eco friendly soaps in distributors instead of individually packaged bars and bottles, no small food packaging, straws from natrual material, no unnecessary disposable napkins, short transport distances

Love a great meal?
So do we. And we love that all of our diary products, vegetables and meats are always sourced locally from Tirol.

Our social involvement
We like to share and donate every Friday to the charity shop.

To good to go!
We are not only talking about - we act! Check out our menu. Order the "Standlwirt Restl". High quality and fresh food at best price.

Complete integration "Bus" technology
Building automation means, every energy consumptions is reported right away.   

Pure trinking water from every tap
No big deal for us here in Tirol - but certainly a great luxury 

Green guest bonus with "Standltokens" 

 How to collect the Standltokens? Check the points below.

Room service
If you do not use the room service, it safes water and detergents. You get a token.

Be a waste collector
Collect the waste on the mountain trails. Earn a token.

Ideas & more
Do you have any idea or experience for environmental protection? Let us know and get a token.

Our guide

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world!"
Mahatma Ghandi


Sustainable development goals – the 2030 agenda with its 17 goals for sustainable development is a global plan for the promotion of lasting peace and prosperity.

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