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Hotel Standlhof Zillertal

Mountain holidays

We are surrounded by mountains, grassy hills, rugged formations, glaciers, torrents and waterfalls. All in all one of the most fascinating countrysides of Europe.

In the summertime you can explore, climb or hike in this wonderful nature surrounding our hotel.

In the winter, you are located in the heart of the world´s best ski resorts.

Wether on skis in the zillertal ski areas or in hiking boots in the zillertal alps national park, at the Hotel Standlhof, mountains are always very close.

What do you know about "Holiday sleeping"?

 After a day in the fixed rope tour, on skis in the mountains, always well supplied with fresh alpine air and happy to fall into a bed - that´s holiday sleeping.

And one more thing. Be warned - late risers are rarely encountered in the Standlhof. Almost all succumb to the lure that radiates the magnificent mountains early in the morning.

Good food - no more - no less

Our menue covers all tastes. Either a rich breakfast,  steaks, burgers, freshly prepared salads or of course traditional tyrolean food. We use the best ingredients of Tyrol and we stand by every single product! The austrian cuisine combined with Tyrolean tradition, that´s what you can expect. Authentic and original.

Mountain sports make you happy!

.... down with your skis, up by bike or cross over on foot.

Attention, acute feelings of happiness are not excluded during sports in the mountains. Later a small glass (or two) at the apres ski, apres bike or apres hike. How happy you are in the mountains.

We love our passion

We love our passion -the mountains, here in Tyrol, in the Zillertal.

We know what we are talking.

We are passionate skiers and hikers. But be careful, in addition to useful informations about slopes, ski busses or walking routes, it may well happen that we hold very small presentations about snow, equipment or similar matters.

A day to rest?

We also know about it. Have you ever been swimming  in a crystal, clear mountain lake at a summer day? Beautiful, just beautiful. Nice and quiet, the scenery breathtaking. Your are relaxed, everything is so simple - .... and i think to myselfe what a wonderful world.

In the valley you will find our new 18 hole golf course. Be sure the golfer´s heart beats faster.

If you can struggle trough to leave the mountains for one day, our state captial Innsbruck can be reached in half an hour. The Mozart city of Salzburg in about 2 hours. 

Pssst - only for ladies. Shopping ist recommended in both cities.

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