Restaurant Standlwirt

Eat & Drink

Wellcome to the Standlwirt Restaurant. If you are looking for Zillertals best kept dining secret, you have found it. We pride our self in offering an authentic dining experience for people who want to take the time to slow down and savour good quality food. We are proud supporters of farm to table lifestyle. 

#safe our planet

Experience enjoyable moments in the Standlwirt
Delicious regional dishes in the Standlwirt

Opening hours

Daily from 2pm

Looking forward to wellcome you!



Standls Lounge

Raise your feet, relax and enjoy. Our homemade chocolate cake, Cappuccino, hot chocolate, a fresh tapped beer, Gin Tonic or a glass of wine, the Austrian speciality Kaiserschmarrn... no more words needed, right?


Our local partners 

Our food suppliers are subject to the strict guidelines of the AMA

We purchase regionally and keep the delivery routes short.

Food and coffee: Firma Braunegger

Meat and sausage: Metzgerei Richard Kammerlander

Potatoes and vegetables: Agricultural products Giner in Thaur

Beer: Private brewery Zillertal Bier

Fresh fish: Firma Riedhart

Dairy products: Tirol Milch, Zillertal Milch, Heumilchsennerei Fügen

Wine and non-alcoholic drinks: Firma Morandell

Schnapps: Firma Kerschhaggl