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Good food, no more, no less - that's our obsession . The ingredients are supplied by  farmers from the region. The herbs grow in front of the house. We know the potatoe farmer personally. So it has always been, and so it shall remain. Either you come to us for a romantic dinner for two or with the whole family and friends, you are welcome. We are pleased about all who eat with us, drink a glass of wine with us and enjoy life.



Tyrolean Restaurant

 5pm to 9.30 pm 
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 
also from 11am to 1.30 am 

Events: We want to make contribution to your most beautiful days in life, and make them even more breathtaking.

Pub/Bar: Either you enjoy your holiday with a glass of wine, or you discuss the latest news, maybe a bit humorous or sometimes also serious.


Recipes: Here you can find recipes which we use since gerations in our family.