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Our suppliers are subject to the strict guidelines of  AMA (a controlling body for food in Austria). We have been buying our needed groceries for years at the wohlesaler Braunegger in Kaltenbach.

We get the regional meat from the butcher Kammerlander in Kaltenbach.

Our potatoes come from the farming family Raggl near Innsbruck.

Our popular beer comes directly from the Zillertal. In Detail from the private brewery "Zillertal Bier".

Fresh fish comes from the Firma Riedhart in Wörgl.

We get  milk and  dairy products from Tirol Milch, the Zillertal Milch and the  Heumilchsennerei Fügen.

Our coffee is roastet with a lot of experience in Kaltenbach from the Braunegger company.

We are well supplied by wine from the company Morandell.

Liqueurs and spirits are provided by the  Kerschhaggl company in Kaltenbach.