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In these days, life was hard and scanty in the mountains.



Fortune is wealth,

parsimony is also wealth,

but sharing makes the wealthiest.





a fateful year - It was in the middle of the night as the farm "Standl" was destroyed by fire.At the next morning they stood in front of the ruins of an existance. But by some miracle there were no injuries or deaths. So a new life was planned. It had been bricked, hammered and sawed....


.....and with the help of friends, relatives and neighbors they built a nice little bed and breakfast. Breakfast and dinner had been offered. Granny cooked. She was the whole day in the kitchen. It always smelled wunderful in Granny`s kitchen - and every evening delicious food had been served.


Our kitchen was very popular. Soon the dining room became too small for our guests, so the Standlhof got a new restaurant.


Once again we bricked, hammered and sawed in the Standlhof. Lovely, new guest rooms emerged in our house.


The Standlhof got everything needed for a proper hotel. A hotel lobby, a reception, a spaa area  with a jacuzzy, a sauna and a steam bath. And ofcourse we got a nice hotel bar.


A new generation is looking forward to work life and laugh in the Standlhof. May we introduce ourselves: Thomas, Johanna & Andea.


Conversion of some rooms. New rooms were built. From now on we can host 76 guests in our hotel.


 We developed a new ski storage system.  We gave priority to safety, functionality and easy reachability.


A lovely, small park with a pond was created. Ofcourse our old and  traditional apple trees are also part of the park.


Remodeling of the dining room. 


Rehabilitation in the north wing. The room are equipped with soundproof windows.


The last part of our old dining room is now renovated!

Flexibility is our new strong point. Either you have a romantic dinner as a pair or with  your whole family,  we love to host you!


A sorrowful year for all of us. Georg Eberharter, our father, grandfather, husband and founder of the Standlhof died in a very unexpected moment.


 The latest Technology is entering our kitchen. 

Quote of our chef: „I should attend a computer course!"

But after a while our cooks got used to the new technique and they noticed this groundbreaking innovation in our kitchen.  With our new methods,  the vegetables will be as gently cooked as they loose nearly no vitamins. The meat can be kept warm without loosing qualitiy and  getting though.  Oh, we could praise it endless! 


 Our jacuzzi got a new water-circulation-system.                                                  Now we can pay even more attention                                                                  to our high standards of hygiene.


Because our whole house has been destroyed in the flames, we know that fire can cause a huge disaster. That's why we installed an ultramodern fire alarm system, which informs immediately  the local authorities in case of fire. Therefore we can ensure the latest security standards in our hotel!


Our Hotel learns to speak!  We installed LOXON, a home automation system. Our concern, to handle these great tyrolean resources gently and sustainable, is now realizable.  We run the hotel as energy-saving as possible!


Wireless Lan arrives the Hotel! Free WiFi is now available in the Lobby, the PUB and the restaurant.